How To Increase Website Domain Authority [Ultimate Guide]

How To Increase Website Domain Authority

Do you want to rank #1 in the search results?

Of, course if you are a true blogger and want to increase your website Domain Authority, But are you facing problems due to low domain authority and looking for any practical and ultimate guide to boost your domain authority.

Then, I would like to tell you, you are in the right place. My website also doesn’t have very high domain authority, I have a web developer who is responsible for my web design and on-page SEO. But, I think it is good that I have. Because generally, I’ve seen bloggers build lots of Backlinks and do too much stuff to increase website domain authority.

Eventually, I’ve not done all the stuff too much. Even I just have 20 backlinks and 6-7 referring domains and I don’t think it’s too much. Now the question is — how I increased my website domain authority?

If you want to know, how I did this?

Read the article till the end…… I have shared 11 tips to increase website domain authority.

Let’s dive in:

11 Tactics To Improve Website Domain Authority

#01. Content is The King

Always mark this phrase in your mind — “Content Was The King, Content Is The King & Content Will Be The King.”

If you are a blogger and Digital Marketing Agency Ireland then I don’t think. I have to tell you about the value and importance of content. Make your content for the audience not for the crawlers. When the user will find it useful, Google will love it and you will get a higher and higher ranking. learn more about the importance of contents at

The higher ranking you will get, the more valuable your domain gets created. That ultimately increases website domain authority.

How To Increase Website Domain Authority

#02. Build Quality Backlinks

Building Backlinks isn’t a very big task but building quality and natural backlinks is a very lengthy task. Don’t do spamming. Make Backlinks in a good and natural manner that Google loves.

I would like to request you to build backlinks that can drive some referral traffic to your website. When I was doing a study of my website and finding key factors that help me to improve the website domain authority.

I found quality backlinks with some referral traffic was one of the key factors that helped me to boost my website domain authority.

#03. Social Signals are Helpful

I always used to read articles that tell the importance of social signals for SEO. I agree that social signals are good for SEO. But, In my case, it helped out to increase website domain authority.


My website was getting some traffic through social media channels. I was not getting traffic through Facebook or Instagram.

My website got traffic through Quora and Pinterest and traffic wasn’t very high. It was very few. But traffic was regular.

I always used to answer on Quora and one of the answers gets ranked in Google along with my website URL and that helped me to drive some traffic to my website.

I will suggest you try this one. Leverage social media to drive some traffic to your website.

#04. Interlinking Is The Key

Interlinking always played a very important role in SEO and domain authority is also part of SEO. So, why aren’t Leveraging it?

Do interlinking but in a good manner. Don’t make it robotic. I will suggest you do interlinking manually and always make sure that the word you are linking have sense.

Because as we know interlinking passes link juice and helps humans and bots to follow the link. That helps in ranking. A higher ranking means more traffic and it ultimately boosts website domain authority.

#05. Disavow Bad Links

Building links isn’t enough, you must have to disavow bad links from time to time. Bad links are not only harming your ranking but also affect your website domain authority.

Generally, bad links are those links that come through irrelevant and spamming websites. You can check out your website bad or good both links in many tools.

One of the best and my recommended tools is — SEMRUSH. You can try it out. You can also use your search console to check your website backlinks.

After finding bad links, make a list of all those links and update your Robot.txt file by commanding disavow list of bad links.

#06. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the most important part to get a higher ranking and the same thing followed to boost your website domain authority.

While writing you must check that your content meets to on-page SEO checklist. You can use tools like — Yoast SEO, Rankmath, All in one SEO pack, and many others to check your On-Page SEO score.

My On-Page SEO Checklist is this:

Content length Min. 1000 words
Keyword Density 0.5-1.5% in 1000 words
Interlinking As much possible but should be on sensible Anchor Text
External Linking 3-4 Nofollow & 1 Dofollow
Images At least one with Alt Tages
Meta Title Eye Catchy, Short With Targeted Keyword
Meta Description Eye Catchy, Short With Targeted Keyword
Targeted Keyword Targeted should be in Url, H1, H2, H3, Meta Description, Content Body, In between of first 100 words
LSI Always Sprinkle 4-5 LSI Keywords in Content Body
URL It should be short included with targeted keyword

#07. Website Speed

A good loading speed of the website is very important to get a higher ranking and domain authority. Use a tool like Page Speed Insights to check your website loading speed and improve it.

Some tips to improve your website speed:

  • Choose the best hosting provider, like WordPress hosting Ireland
  • Compress multimedia sizes before uploading on your website
  • Directly don’t embed videos on your website, embed links
  • Use Plugin like – WP Rocket (For WordPress)
  • Remove unnecessary plugins, javascript from your website
  • Minify CSS

Hope! These tips will help you improve your website speed and that ultimately helps you to boost ranking and website domain authority.

#08. Mobile Friendly

In this era, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly then your losing lots. Most of the searches on the internet are done through mobiles and the number is constantly increasing.

That’s the reason Google is giving more priority to mobile-friendly websites. Mobile-friendly websites are getting a higher and higher ranking. SEO Services provider and web developer can help you in making your website mobile-friendly.

Again, I’m repeating higher ranking ultimately helps you to increase website domain authority.

#09. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is another big thing that you must consider in your mind if you want to be a successful blogger or SEO guru. Very few newbie bloggers understand the importance of technical SEO. But you have to understand if you want to increase your domain authority.

I’m sharing a quick Technical SEO Checklist to help you:

  • Use SSL
  • Setup Proper 301 Redirect
  • Check Crawling Rate
  • Check Your Robots.txt
  • Use Hreflang for languages
  • Use Structured Data
  • Setup AMP
  • Add breadcrumbs

Follow this technical SEO checklist to increase your ranking and website domain authority.

#10. Publishing Frequency

Generally, I’ve seen mostly peoples say, publishing frequency doesn’t matter a lot. My statement is the same also. But, google loves updated websites and content and it will be more possible if you will publish content regularly.

I’m not saying to publish daily one piece of Content but at least publish 3-4 articles in a week. By doing this, you will give a message to Google that your website is active and they must actively crawl your website.

More crawling means more fast indexing and fast indexing + regular Content will boost your domain authority.

#11. Patience

Patience is a very big thing and it is the only thing that most newbie bloggers don’t have. Because think blogging is a quick rich scheme.

But, it is not like that.

Implement 10 strategies on your blog that I have shared above and continuously practice them patiently. You will get results. It’s my promise. It’s a Guiding Online promise.

I hope, this article will add some value to you and you will able to increase your website domain authority.

Best of Luck ❤!

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